Body Positive Sculptures

I wanted to focus on art and artists that celebrated plus size bodies, either exclusively or alongside their other work. There were other sculptors and artists I was planning to include, but in order to stay honest to the body positive message of the post, I wanted to make sure all of the artists I included viewed full-figured bodies in a positive light.

All of the artists on this list purposely chose to sculpt rubenesque figures due to their love of the female form as a whole. They don’t see full figures as inhibitors of life, instead they see and depict them as beautiful unstoppable beings full of life– and I have to say it is glorious!

Niki de Saint Phalle

“Nanas” | France

“For me, my sculptures represent the world of women amplified, women’s aspiration of greatness, women in the world today, women in power.”

—Niki de Saint Phalle (via Guggenheim Bilbao)

Andrew Benyei

Bronze Sculptures | Canada

“My bronzes follow a quite different conceptual (and physical) process. These figures focus primarily on motion and movement, and represent my love and delight in the human figure, whether as an athletic dancer or a more Rubenesque bather. I see bronze as an almost liquid, flowing material, and my pieces virtually evolve as I mold the original clay from which the final figures will be cast.”

—Andrew Benyei (via

Guillermo Valentin

Cast Stone & Bronze | Mexico

“Most of my work incorporates the human figure. I deeply admire and respect women, and my pieces represent indigenous women with no inhibitions, completely aware of their beauty and strength, and proud of being themselves. I believe beauty resides in nature, and my conscious goal is to create a representation of freedom of movement, harmony of lines, and a continuous celebration of beauty. I aim to capture the vigor of life and radiate its unabashed potential.”

—Guillermo Valentin (via

Joanna Mallin-Davies

Cast Bronze Statues | Wales

“The woman and the horse remain a perfect vehicle for me to communicate the different facets of humanity, our relation to the world, emotions and ourselves. Femaleness (what I believe it means to be a woman), spirituality, consciousness, sensuality and inner strength continues to fascinate me, giving me ever-growing and changing insights. In that respect, I have always avoided laboured titles, preferring people to see my work un-hindered by my personal ‘philosophy’.”

—Joanna Mallin-Davies (via

Adam Schultz

Goddess Series| United States

“Lately, a lot of my work has been about finding beauty in unusual places, overlooked ideas, and however unexpectedly, in ourselves. It is through the placement of public art that I can communicate these ideas on a broader scale. Monumental sculpture lends importance to ideas and will create emotional connections that serve to define a community at levels that mere words cannot.”

—Adam Schultz (via

Xu Hongfei

Chubby Women | China

“I want to celebrate the beauty and sexiness of large women in my sculptures and take them around the world to help change people’s perceptions…(larger women) don’t always have a voice (in society). We make assumptions about the way they live their lives or how unhappy they must be. For me, this is completely untrue. Large women can be full of life. I wanted my sculptures to show them laughing, playing sport, kissing, doing everything they do in real life.”

—Xu Hongfei (via Evening Standard)

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. What are your favorite artists? Share them with me in the comments below. Until next time my lovelies– remember to be kind and loving to yourselves,

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