The 5 Stages of Watching the Project Runway Season 14 Finale

Last night Season 14 of Project Runway came to a fantastic end. And by  fantastic– I actually mean absolutely amazing because the winning designer was Ashley Nell Tipton. That’s right, last night Ashley became the first plus size woman to not only win Project Runway, but she was also the first to send a plus size collection with plus size models down their runway during NY Fashion Week. Like most of you watching I experienced a roller coaster of emotions during the nail-biting 2 hour finale.

So today, I’m going to share with you the 5 stages experienced while watching the Project Runway Season 14 finale.

Stage One:

Going to get my Project Runway on tonight.

This has been one of my favorite seasons of Project Runway so I was excited for last night’s finale. Season 14 was filled with an array of talented designers, some I favored more than others — Designer Blake, I’m looking right at you. But overall it was an excellent season filled with natural talent and the right amount of drama.

And of course being able to cheer on Designer Ashley all the way to the end was a major bonus.

Stage Two:

These kids on Project Runway Junior are so talented.

I barely passed Home Ec class because I failed to create a shorts & t-shirt set we would later get to wear on the last day of school. Instead I “sewed” a 3 sleeve shirt with no collar and a pair of shorts with uneven legs.

So, needless to stay when I see a 15-year-old rocking the heck out of a sewing machine I am highly impressed. And these kids being featured on Project Runway Junior are absolute rock stars.

Stage Three:

Why are these commercials so long?

I have to admit that initially the commercials got me excited about watching Project Runway Junior, but once the runway shows started and the finale got closer it felt like they couldn’t go by fast enough. And by the looks of it most of Twitter agreed.

Stage Four:

OMG! Yes! Ashley won.

It was a nerve-wracking few minutes while we waited for the final results to be announced. One by one as the designers were called by Heidi– Candice, Edmund, Kelly and when I finally heard Ashley’s name announced as the official winner of season 14, ooooh! It was screaming and fist pumping all over the place.

Stage Five:

OMG! Ashley WON.

And then it hit me…Ashley Nell Tipton just won Project Runway. Once that actually sunk in, I got emotional and began crying à la Chrissy Teigen.

You see, besides being an incredible opportunity for Ashley, this very moment means a lot for the plus size community. She has just blown open the door for other talented plus size designers to be taken seriously and has spotlighted the fact that plus size clothes on plus size women are not only beautiful but fashionable.

Congratulations again to the talented and unbreakable Ashley Nell Tipton! I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you are going to do.

Until next time, my lovelies,

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