Unconditional Body Beautiful: Part Ten: MY HEIGHT

“She woke up every morning with the option of being anyone she wished. How beautiful it was she always chose herself.” — Tyler Kent White

Hey, my lovelies can you believe we’re almost at the end of the year? I guess time does fly when you’re having fun. Today I’m sharing with you part ten of our Unconditional Body Beautiful series and this month we’re chatting about height.

Now, I’ve shared with you before I’m curvy, short and proud– hey my 5’2 ladies! hey!

And yes, although being height challenged requires me to do a lot of reaching , tip toe stretching and step stool embracing I wouldn’t change it for the world. But there’s one thing I do have issues with and that’s finding clothes, mainly maxi dresses and pants, that fit my 5’2 curvy frame perfectly. I tailor a lot of things to accommodate my height, which is why I love to find companies that cater to not only our curves but also our height.

So I was very excited to have online clothing company LURAP (L-ove UR AP-pearance) reach out to me and ask if I wanted to give their custom clothing a try. The great thing about Lurap is that not only do they offer a wide range of clothing available in sizes 0-36W , but you can modify your choice to fit your style. And my favorite part is they offer a create your own design option. That’s right you can create your own design by simply uploading a photo of the design you have in mind and they will email you back a price quote for your custom look.

While browsing their website, I immediately fell in love with this navy midi dress. Now if you’re short you know, that seeing a dress online on a 5’9 model is not the same when it hits your 5’2 body. So having the option to modify the dress to my height and body measurements is always music to my ears. And, my lovelies, when the dress arrived it fit perfectly!

Being short has never inhibited me in life and I don’t tend to fixate on my height unless I’m trying to get something from a kitchen cabinet or reaching into the washing machine. Actually now that I think about it, I should give all these years of stretching and tip-toe reaching credit for building up my leg muscles.

At the end of the day there are certain things about our bodies we can’t tweak, so why tear ourselves apart over them. If there’s something I’ve learned during all these months of chatting with you about learning to love ourselves unconditionally is that we tend to focus on our imperfections way too much. The truth is we all have something or somethings we feel insecure about, and that’s okay. We’re humans. But those imperfections do not lessen who we are as a human being, they don’t make us less special either.  In the end those imperfection are what makes us all unique…and absolutely beautiful!

Until next time my lovelies– remember to be kind and loving to yourselves,


What I’m Wearing | Dress: MIDNIGHT BLUES MIDI DRESS c/o Lurap (www.Lurap.com) // Shoes: Chinese Laundry // Clutch: c/o Lion Hunter

Unconditional Body Beautiful is a self-love series created by Rebequita Rose“It is a year-long collaboration which I created-slash-founded, and I will be doing this with many other bloggers…We will focus mostly on discussing our bodies more than on fashion, but at the same time we will fuse the two together.”


On the 18th of every month we will each publish a new post discussing that month’s theme (body part), so be sure to keep an eye out for the hashtag on social media for some wonderful posts and body love inspiration.
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