7 Fashion Rules ALL Women Should Break Right Now

“Fashion Rules” we all know about them, we’ve all read them, and at least once or twice in our lives (or probably even more) we’ve all followed them. But who creates these rules? Who are these ominous fashion enforces that tell us not to wear certain styles or colors and why the hell are they so concerned with us stopping us from “looking bigger”? So I’m thinking, forget the rules and forget their enforcers. Let’s smash these antiquated fashion rules together and not even look back.

Rule #1. Don’t wear white. It will make you look bigger.

I only have one problem with white, I need it to be a phenomenally sunny day so that there is absolutely NO chance of rain, dirt or mud coming around to ruin my “so fresh and so clean” moment.

Breaking rule #1 in SWAK Designs’ Monica Eyelet Dress.


Rule #2. Don’t wear horizontal stripes. It will make you look bigger.

What? please!, not only will we wear all the horizontal stripes we want, we will layer those bad boys and make you think you are seeing double.


Rule #3. Don’t wear crop tops. It will make you look bigger.

This is a first for me, but I have to give a huge shout out to my blogger babe Margot from Margot Meanie for the inspiration to get my crop on this summer. Set the belly free ladies! Set it free & rock that crop top!

Breaking rules #3 & #7 in SWAK Designs’ Ce Ce Two Piece Body Con


Rule #4. Don’t wear fitted jeans. It will make you look bigger.

Curves were made for fitted jeans, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you like them, wear them.


Rule #5. Don’t wear fitted dresses. It will make you look bigger.

You get major side eye on this one fashion rule enforcers.


Rule #6. Don’t wear loose clothing. It will make you look bigger.

We WILL wear loose clothing, and we will look ah-mazing in them!


Rule #7. Don’t wear bold colors or prints. It will make you look bigger.

There is nothing I love more than bold bright colors and a fabulous print. If it’s your thing too, then who cares what the nay-sayers say…Wear what you want, how you want it.

Breaking rule #7 in The Lion Hunter‘s custom designed Tutu in Paris Pink.

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More pics from my latest blog post 😍

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Just quick experiment.. #curvy

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Did you notice what all these “fashion rules” have in common? They all ask us to take up less space. They’ve been created to lessen the space we as women take up in the world, but my lovelies, we don’t have to hide or become part of the background– we’re noone’s wallpaper.  No! instead let’s be bold and let’s embrace these magnificently created bodies. Let’s stand out as much as we want because these bodies, OUR phenomenal bodies deserve to take up all the space they want in this world!

Until next time my lovelies– remember to be kind and loving to yourselves,


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12 thoughts on “7 Fashion Rules ALL Women Should Break Right Now

  1. I looove your list of fashion rules to break, and of course, I agree with every single one! Since I kicked these “rules” to the curb, crop tops, bold prints, and fitted dresses have easily become my favorite things to wear! 😀 (PS, I was so excited to see that you included me as an example!)

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