Celebrating Milestones

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. — Oprah Winfrey

Today is my birthday. But this is not just any ordinary birthday. no my  lovelies, this is  my 40th birthday. that’s right the big 4-0! That’s 4 decades of life, living and learning. I can honestly say I’ve never been afraid of aging. In my eyes each birthday is a milestone, another 365 days of life and that is an immense blessing so I always remind myself not to take it for granted.

It hasn’t always been an easy or perfect road but, hey! that’s life. However it has been beautiful, filled with important lessons, moments that  have taken my breath away and experiences that have transformed me. So today in honor of my 40th birthday, I’d like to share with you the 4 most important lessons I’ve learned during my 40 years on this earth.


1. Everyone Falls Down.

Learn to embrace failure, because it happens to all of us. At one time or another we all fail at something or somethings. but know that failure does not determine your character or your future successes. Instead learn from it and allow those experiences to help you grow. So next time you fall, don’t tear yourself apart because of it, but do get up and keep on going.

2.  Acknowledge Your Beauty.

You may not be the type of beauty you see in magazines or television. You may be shorter, taller, fatter, thinner, darker or simply different in every way from the images of ideal beauty you see on a daily basis but believe me when i say– YOU.ARE.BEAUTIFUL

There’s no if, buts or maybes.  you are and you need to acknowledge that because accepting your uniqueness is empowering and that’s something no one can strip you of.

3. Never Say Never.

You are never too old to begin anything. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try or do? Well, what better time than now to learn photography, take a dance class, or write that book. Repeat after me: YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

4. Enjoy Your Life.

We are all guilty of it, especially as we get older. when responsibilities increase we can become so focused on work and the bills we forget to make some time for ourselves and our loved ones. Now, i’m not saying stop paying your bills or quit your job. I’m saying find a way to acquire balance in your life. Figure out the  best way to do what you have to do but don’t forget that no one can turn back time and as you get older it just seems that time is on fast forward. It’s not like when we were 18 wishing 21 to come and you felt like time just dragged. For me, after my 25th birthday 30 came in the blink of an eye and before I knew it here I was celebrating my 40th birthday. So make the time to enjoy your life. Fill it with the things that matter like love, happiness, kindness and create memories because in the end they will be your most valuable possessions.

 Well my lovelies I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Sending you all huge hugs & kisses. Until next time,

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What I’m wearing: c/o SWAK Designs | SWAK’s Annabelle Multi Wear Dress

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Meanwhile somewhere in Paris, current birthday mood:


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      1. Most definitely. I got to study there for a month while in graduate school and I wish I could have seen more than I did (I was mostly in class) but Paris is always a good idea, lol. Hope you had a great celebration. 🙂

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