An Afternoon At Cauley Square

Last month I decided to go on another local adventure, and I’ve been eyeing this place for awhile– Cauley Square Historic Railroad Village, located at 22400 Old Dixie Highway in Homestead, Florida.

I love tea, so when I heard that Cauley Square had a Tea Room I knew that this would have to be a great brunch date with the girls. And the Groupon gods were apparently reading my mind because a Tea Party deal for two became available. So what better way to test out a new place without a major financial commitment.

I will tell you this my lovelies, we were not disappointed at all– the tea party was fabulous! You have your choices of hot tea, cold spiced tea as well as wine, beer and sodas. But a proper tea party requires hot tea, so that’s what we went for. I tried the Green Tea with Pomegranate which was just lovely. We had a choice between french onion & split pea soup, we all chose the french onion soup which was delicious. Afterwards our lovely tea server brought us a three tier tray filled with pure amazingness– quiches, tea sandwiches, cookies and scones.

Oh, our server was so awesome she even let us get our Downton Abbey on, and brought us some vintage hats and boas for a little photo session at the table.

After an amazing tea party we did a little walk around to discover the rest of Cauley Square. The entire time it felt like we had been transported to a small town somewhere in upstate New York, it did not feel like we were in Miami anymore. It was pretty quiet, since we went in the middle of the week which is fine by me, I love having the feeling of having a place to myself.

We walked around their six gardens and just took it all in.

Besides the Tea Room, there are two other restaurants in Cauley Square, the Village Chalet and the Latin Corner which is officially my favorite building, it’s a bright yellow snack bar run by the sweetest lady. There are thirteen different shops, we spotted five of the thirteen– Namaste, O’ Sew Crafty, Ivana’s Artisan, Island Colors & Village Florist.

There’s even a wedding venue area, the Wedding Place. I’ve seen online photos of weddings here and they are breathtaking, so if you’re looking for a venue in South Florida this would definitely be a great place to check out.

It was a great afternoon filled with good eats, discovery and lots of laughter. So if you’re looking for a great place for brunch or a little escape from your daily routine put Cauley Square on your Google Maps and head on down to Homestead for a visit– you won’t regret it!

Until next time my lovelies,


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