Artist à la Mode | Sara Fratini

Today’s artist à la mode is the talented Sara Fratini. I came across her work while doing what I do best– google searching.

The 30-year-old illustrator was born in Venezuela, studied art in Barcelona, Spain and currently lives and works in Italy. Sara was drawn to art from an early age, a little unconventional start but hey! we all have to start our path somewhere:

“When I was 3 years old I tried to draw with my feet, finding that impossible I decided to start drawing with my hands and I haven’t stopped since.
I always carried a bag full of colours and a notebook, so I could draw anywhere . When I was small, the bag was the reason for many injuries, falls and not so nice encounters with the floor. Today it is an excuse to escape from situations or to make them immortal.”  — Sara Fratini

Sara’s illustrations are filled with messages of feminism, empowerment and body positivity. In an interview for Radio Television Española, Sara explains that she draws the kind of woman she wants to be and by drawing powerful and independent women she confronts her own insecurities and gains freedom for herself.

“Sometimes we are our worst critic.” 

“More freedom, less diets.”

“Because fashion is not only one size.”

“For sensuality neither age or weight exist.”

“Be your own muse.”

“I’m on Strike!”, “Me too!”

“Who cares about cellulite?”

“Be your own superhero.”

Sara’s illustrations are both fun and inspiring. She creates art that conveys messages we can all relate to– struggles with self esteem, body image and womanhood. Sara’s women are whimsical feminists that take on the patriarchy head on and no topic is taboo, from body hair to female orgasms it’s all up for discussion.

Now, I am honestly in love with all things Sara Fratini, but I have to admit that her curvaceous mermaids are my #1 obsession.

“The mermaid that only wanted to sleep.”

“She wanted to be a mermaid & the mermaid wanted to be a woman.”

Besides illustrations, Sara also creates the wickedest murals, imagine a mermaid filled wall — yes! please. The one below was commissioned for the ALT!rove Street Art Festival in Catanzaro, Italy.

Discover more of  Sara Fratini and her phenomenal illustrations on her website & via social media on Tumblr, Facebook, TwitterInstagram. You can also purchase some Fratini awesomeness for yourself or your home via her shop on Society 6.

Until next time my lovelies,


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