Unconditional Body Beautiful: Part Seven: MY ARMS, MY WINGS

Funny how time flies when you’re having fun. We’ve reached the seventh installment of unconditional body beautiful and today’s self-love post is dedicated to our arms– the wings that help us soar thru life.

You have the right to bare arms.

My arms have been toned and they’ve been plump. They may not be the strongest, that honor goes to my legs, but they give the warmest bestest hugs. Time has sprinkled these big arms with stretch marks and softness. But these are the arms that hold my loving husband at night. These are the arms that give those I love squishy hugs.  These arms are an intricate part of this amazing body. They let me express excitement, love, happiness and anger. They are my extension to this big crazy world and I’m not hiding them anymore.

We live in a society that seems to define everything that doesn’t meet their definition of beauty as an imperfection. Something to be broken and reshaped into what they believe, resulting in cookie cutter versions of beauty and perfection. The frustrating thing is that once you don’t meet their beauty requisites you’re asked to hide yourself. You see in their eyes you have yet to earn the right to live life and that my lovelies, is ridiculous. Why should you hide your arms, legs, bellies or any other part of your body only because they don’t meet society’s stereotypes. We see this most at summertime, when the bombardment of “summer ready” or “beach ready” body syndrome is at its maximum. It’s time we reclaimed our lives and our bodies.

If it’s hot as hell outside, don’t feel that you have to hide your chunky fat arms because it’s not the “it” look. Let those babies breathe– whip out your sleeveless shirts, spaghetti straps, tube tops and halter tops. Enjoy the sunshine and the warm breeze on your skin. Enjoy summer, be comfortable and above all be happy. Happy with the body you have at this very moment because that is the first step to any journey of self-love.

A love letter to my arms:

I promise to take care of you.

I promise to not be so clumsy and constantly slam you against walls. I promise to always be kind towards you with my thoughts and my words.

I promise not to hide you from the sun. I promise to drape you in soft fabrics, but never use them to hide you because I’m not ashamed of you. I promise to cherish our time together in this body we share without regrets or inhibitions.

I promise to raise you high and above all I promise to always be proud of your presence.

Thank You my majestic wings for allowing this butterfly to break free from her cocoon and allowing her to fly.

Until next time my lovelies– remember to be kind and loving to yourselves,


What I’m Wearing: ASOS Curve Wrap Peplum Top In Floral Black (I have the white one too…just as beautiful)

Unconditional Body Beautiful is a self-love series created by Rebequita Rose“It is a year-long collaboration which I created-slash-founded, and I will be doing this with many other bloggers…We will focus mostly on discussing our bodies more than on fashion, but at the same time we will fuse the two together.”


On the 18th of every month we will each publish a new post discussing that month’s theme (body part), so be sure to keep an eye out for the hashtag on social media for some wonderful posts and body love inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Unconditional Body Beautiful: Part Seven: MY ARMS, MY WINGS

  1. I doubt the society today is different from what it has been in the past. This is something that never changes – the only change is that today, we want everything right now – that’s where the summer body thing stems from. The same girl who prepares her body for summer will happily neglect it in winter, because for her, the connection between health, keeping in shape and beauty is lost and the only thing that remains is the getting thinner goal:)

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