An Afternoon At Schnebly’s

When people think Miami they automatically think South Beach. And although Ocean Drive is flawless with its vibrant energy, gorgeous art deco, palm tree-lined beaches and beautiful people strolling about, Miami is much more than just South Beach– it’s a cornucopia of culture and hidden gems. One of those lovely hidden gems is Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery the southernmost Winery & Brewery in the U.S.located at 30205 SW 217th Ave in Homestead, Florida.

I know, like me the first time I heard of Schnebly’s , you’re probably thinking– “A winery in South Florida?!” Yes! a winery, but it’s not your ordinary Napa-style winery, this one is all Miami. We’re talking Lychee, Mango, Carambola, Passion Fruit, Guava, Coconut and Avocado wines and my lovelies, they are even yummier than they sound.

Four years ago Schnebly’s expanded from winery to brewery, and their yumminess arsenal has expanded to include 4 tasty flagship ales– Big Rod Coconut Ale, Shark Bait Mango Wheat Ale, Vice IPA & Gator Tail Brown Ale.

A few weeks ago we decided to organize an outing with the girls new to the area kind of like a getting-to-know-your-neighborhood kinda thing and first on our list was Schnebly’s. It’s a great place to have an afternoon get together and do a little wine tasting, but really we would’ve used any excuse to go.

Schnebly’s offers two wine tasting options:

The Ultimate tasting is $11.95 per person you get a choice of five unique wines. This glass is specifically designed to enhance the flavors and aromas of the wine you are drinking. Also, you keep the etched Schnebly wine glass, which you can bring back and get the tasting for only $6.

The Special tasting is $11.95 per person. You get your choice of five different specialty wines – dessert and sparkling. You get to keep the Schnebly’s glass so anytime you return, with the glass, the tasting is 50% off!

And if you are more of an ale person, or just want to try them out, there’s a tasting option for that too:

Beer Sampler/Pint Glass $14 – Satisfy your curiosity and elevate your tasting experience using our Signature Pint Glass. A clear beer glass is essential to checking the appearance of beer when tasting, Enjoy every ingredient of our craft beers when tasting and evaluating from our Signature Glass. You get a Beer Sampler followed by your choice of any craft beers with a purchase of the Signature Pint Glass.

They recently added a restaurant to their lineup, The Redlander. The day we went it was closed due to construction outside but from the menu I can tell you that we’ll be back to give it a try, our return was locked down by these 4 words– Lychee Crème Brulee Flan.

Tours of the winery are held on the weekend, they usually last from 30-40 minutes and cost $7 per person. One of my favorite things about Schnebly’s is their Friday & Saturday events called Weekends at the Winery. There’s a cover charge after 6 pm to attend evenings at the winery, but normally you can find some great Groupon deals for their weekend events.

On Friday nights they have karaoke and on Saturdays they normally have live music, trust me you definitely don’t want to miss the winery lit up at night as performers like Tree Hause,  JSalsa & Orq Expression & Bryan Gonzalez fill the air with music. Be sure to check out their online calendar too, they have lots of other fun events like Bottle & Bottega and Om Brew Yoga.

So next time you are visiting South Florida or even if you are a local and have not made your way down to Homestead yet, be sure to put a trip to Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery on your To Do list. It’s just a 35 minute drive from Miami and believe me you will not regret it!

Until next time my lovelies,


16 thoughts on “An Afternoon At Schnebly’s

  1. Oh goodness, how gorgeous is this whole post!? You and the crew look gorgeous–wine tasting is always a great bonding activity. And I automatically love anywhere that does karaoke! Looks like a fantastic little spot! 🙂

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  2. Florida is a state I’ve never been to, although I have been to Maine, New York State, NYC and Massachussetts, Connecticut New Hampshire and West Virginia because my aunts and uncles live there. I have a cousin in California, so let’s see if I ever get to visit the west coast. It’s something I’d love to do one day! thanks for the post

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