Homemade Beauty | Sugar & Olive Oil Scrub

I’m completely obsessed with luscious skin and I hate it when my skin gets dry or ashy– I’m looking at you beach. Part of my daily beauty regimen is lathering my body with skin oil until I’m glowing like a golden mocha phoenix. So of course whenever I read about a homemade beauty recipe that promises soft and glowing skin– I’m all over it!

A few years ago I ran across an article on beauty secrets from around the globe. One of the tips was a homemade recipe from Greece which included 2 simple ingredients: Sugar & Olive Oil. Of course, I jumped on it asap and it has become part of my go-to glowing skin routine– with one special twist I’ll share with you today.

Step 1.

You’ll need a container for your mix and a spoon for stirring. I’m thrifty so I keep clean used containers (like this one) to recycle them anytime I want to make this Grecian sugar scrub.

As far as ingredients, you’ll need granulated sugar, olive oil, and vanilla. Now I’ve never used vanilla, but I’m sharing this with you so I’m making it special today. Also, I only make a one-time use batch, I’ll explain why later on so we’re not going to make a huge batch of this.

Step 2.

Add the granulated sugar in the container, set aside the vanilla while you warm up the olive oil on the stovetop– that’s my special twist. This is a warm sugar scrub, trust me you’ll love it. And no! do not use the microwave to heat up the olive oil, trust me I’ve tried it and it didn’t go to well. So safety first, put the oil in low and we’ll let it warm up for 5 minutes. Remember we’re putting this on our skin so we’re looking for lukewarm.

I’ve tried the recipe both cold and warm, and for my taste the warm recipe gives better results. Which is also why I make a one-time use batch.

Step 3.

After our olive oil is warmed, mix it in the container with the sugar and add on the vanilla. Stir so that it’s nice and pasty, feel free to add a little more sugar so it’s not too liquidy. You want it to be thick enough to make a nice paste for better results in the shower.

And voilà! We’re ready to hit the shower.

Now, to get the best results use it in the shower on dry skin. Scrub your entire body, don’t forget your rough areas like elbows and knees. Give special attention to your feet, but be careful since the olive oil can make it slippery in the bathtub. Oh, and while we’re on the topics of bathtubs…be sure to rinse it well afterwards to remove the sugar and olive oil residue, it’s very slippery– don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Final results, amazingly soft and smooth skin, no need for after shower lotion here ladies. The vanilla will definitely become a staple in this recipe– I’m loving the scent. Before adding vanilla I would definitely have to dab on some perfume afterwards, because the skin would be perfection, but I always smelled like an Italian salad.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my secret to beautiful glowing skin. Let me know what you think? And feel free to share any of your homemade beauty recipes– remember sharing is caring!

Until next time, my lovelies,


12 thoughts on “Homemade Beauty | Sugar & Olive Oil Scrub

    1. I love them too! One of my girlfriends actually just suggested a recipe with sea salt , lavender & coconut oil that is on my asap to do list . Thanks for stopping by and reading Whitney. Let me know what you think of the scrub after you try it. 🙂


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