Links à la Mode | May 2015 Edition

 Links à la Mode is a collection of  blog posts, plus size news and overall things that have inspired me, moved me and made me smile this month.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did — Love, Zadry

in Body Positive News…

How I Learned to Love My Body

by  Danielle Brooks, “Taystee” on Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black for Cosmopolitan Magazine

“Even now, I still find ways to make light of the sadness I was in back then. When I was interviewed for a magazine recently, I joked that when my mother would ask me to go for a walk around the neighborhood, I would hide behind the house because I was lazy. But the real reason I hid was because I didn’t want the boys in the neighborhood to laugh at the fat girl walking around the cul-de-sac..”

This International No Diet Day Photo Is Awesome So Here Are 7 Other Reasons You Should Never Have To Justify Eating

by Marie Southard Ospina

“The human relationship with food is a complex thing. In essence, we’re constantly made to feel guilty for eating. Or, in other words, for doing something that’s required for basic human survival. Of course, there are plenty of reasons for this. The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar corporation that thrives off of creating an often flawed product to make its consumer feel bad when they re-gain the weight, only to turn to — you guessed it — the diet industry. And we obviously live in a world that thinks “fat” is just about the worst thing a human can be, on par with things like sociopathy or hating puppies. So “logically,” being made to feel guilty about eating will make people less inclined to do things that make weight gain more probable. ”

That One Time I Had Liposuction and My Life Still Sucked

by Pia Schiavo-Campos, for Chronicles Of A Mixed Fat Chick

I have vaguely mentioned my liposuction surgery in other posts, but I’ve never really delved into it until now. When I was 23 I had 11 pounds of fat removed from my stomach, hips, and thighs. I had the surgery done in the Philippines, where my parents were working for two years. It was the summer of 1998, and I recall my father first mentioning to me how inexpensive it was to have plastic surgery done in Manila, and my heart skipped a beat at the thought of thin thighs. He kept hinting at it until I pressed him for more information on the procedure. I probably weighed around 230 pounds at that time, and my self-esteem was in the crapper (I weigh about the same now). I had zero self-love and I was desperate. I really just wanted to feel desirable and beautiful. And thin, of course.”

8 Reasons Why It’s OK To Not Love Your Body Sometimes, Even If You Support Body Positivity

by Erin Mckelle Fischer

“Since a lot of media puts out these shallow “love your body” messages without really understanding the words, there exists a kind of pressure to pretend that you’re not struggling with body image. The problem with this is that while it’s great that we’re collectively more encouraged to love ourselves, it often results in stigma associated with those of us who aren’t quite there yet. Not loving your body doesn’t make you a bad person or less worthy of respect, though, and is in fact perfectly legitimate — since we live in a culture still permeated with body shame. “

 A Love Letter to My Belly

by Vanessa Leigh, for Sweet Leigh

“Yoga has changed my relationship to my body. It has again, connected my sense of being and self to my body and spawned a body love and self acceptance journey. Other people’s shaming can’t compare to my own constant shaming of myself. That will never excuse the bullies out there. I learned that I wasn’t good enough from TV ads, and TV shows, teasing classmates and my well meaning parents, and strangers looking me up and down. The daily microaggressions. The weight loss equals happy life rhetoric became the nasty voice inside my own head beating me down. And its time to let it go. It’s not easy but it is time to reject the “well meaning critics”, the “concerned citizens” and just plain assholes. It’s time to rid myself of my own biases. For me radical self acceptance begins with my big belly. “

in Plus Size Fashion…

Island Vibes” Collection by Zelie for She

And then on the 1st day of May Zelie for She dropped some Island Vibes on us…and everything was irie. Available online in sizes XL-3X, some pieces available in OS.

 Swim by Grisel

From the fabulous & chic mind behind rebdolls— plus size model and designer Grisel launches her first swimsuit line…and it’s gorgeous! Oh yeah, each style is named after a Beyoncé song. Available online in sizes 0-28.


At the end of last month Cool Gal Blue announced two new curated collections for May. One from blogger Curveella and the other from my blogger babe Margot, from Margot Meanie. And my lovelies, it did not disappoint! Available online in sizes 12-22

Pool Side Collection” by Jibri

Not much to say here except Jasmine Elder knocked it out the ballpark with yet another beautiful Jibri collection. Partake in the beauty that is Jibri my lovelies and imagine yourselves by the pool in one of these confections with a margarita or strawberry daiquiri in your hands…enough said.

in the land of Visual Inspiration…

See y’all next month my lovelies!


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