Are You Beach Body Ready?

Every year before summer starts we’re bombarded with “are you beach ready?” messages. And it’s always the same tactic —

Winter’s gone. Let us body shame you so that you can buy our “miracle” product that will sculpt and mold you into an unattainable version of your body. But hey, if you fail and don’t look like our (most likely photo-shopped) version of the ideal woman/man then it’s your fault. You’re the failure because our products work.

Well, guess what? It’s not you, it’s these fad diet programs and companies trying to make a buck out of chipping away at your self-esteem. The more you think you need “work” the more money you spend on their crap. And the more you buy, the more money they make.

Now I’m all for self-improvement, but at your own pace and in a healthy manner both mental and physical. Take it from a woman who has fad dieted and yo-yo’d most of her life. Fad diets DO NOT work. They aren’t about creating a better, happier, healthier you– it’s about mass marketing insecurities and exploiting them. After all, the same people who create these ridiculous standards of beauty are the ones telling us we don’t fit in their “perfect” standards unless we buy their products.

The truth is, even the strongest of us, the most involved in this positive body image movement have days when we are hard on our bodies.

When I put on my swimsuit for the first time this season, I stood in front of my bedroom mirror and nit picked every single dimple, wrinkle, lump. Five minutes into my internal rant I realized what I was doing to myself and I forced myself to stop. You see, years of body degradation are hard to erase. Yes they can be overcome and we can live happy in the body we are in, but our minds have been so exposed to these ads and marketing campaigns that part of us thinks this is the only way to exist. And that’s not true. It’s so far from the truth my lovelies.

You see, life is fleeting and part of existing in this life is living it. Not locked away hating yourself or your body. And I know it’s easier said than done, especially in today’s social media age. Everywhere you look everyone seems to be filtered to perfection. Even being plus size feels like it comes with standards sometimes. Am I the right kind of fatty? Are my curves the right kind of curves?– Well, you know what? Yes!

You may be in  the exact place you want to be with your body, you might be in the middle or even the beginning of your journey. But you’re here and that, my loves, makes you the right kind of everything.  So are you beach/summer/life ready? Yes you are! And don’t let any company, person, or even yourself tell you or make you feel otherwise.

Now go out there and kick summer’s ass! Until next time my lovelies,


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