Viva Mexico!

Earlier this week two girlfriends and I decided to take time out of the daily work grind and go on a “Grown-up Spring Break” to Cancun, México. We booked our room at the lovely all-inclusive resort Royal Solaris, packed our bags, grabbed our passports and headed out for some well deserved r&r.

Day 1

We arrived in Cancun around 9 am so we had plenty of time to enjoy our first day. After checking in, looking around our room and drooling over the breathtaking views of the Caribbean sea we threw on our swimsuits and headed downstairs for lunch and some fun in the sun.

It was a gorgeous Mexican day. The temperature was in the mid 80s , it was sunny and breezy– you couldn’t have asked for better weather. So, after our yummy lunch we headed poolside and got our sun on!

We started out on the pool chairs and eventually found our way into the swim-up bar, because when in México…tequila is always on the menu. Now I don’t know if it was the tequila or “Danza Kuduro” that enticed us, but we ended up in a very fun water aerobics class that led to a lot of laughing and some very sore muscles the next day.

Later that night, after some warm soothing showers and a nap we dolled ourselves up and headed downstairs to grab dinner and check out the moon dance performance. It was magical to see the dancers dressed in Aztec costumes dancing on the beach as the sun set behind them.

Day 2

The second day started out with breakfast and a quick trip into town for some souvenir shopping. We went to nearby, Plaza Caracol and picked up some goodies to take back home. It was a quick bus trip, about 15 minutes each way. The buses in the hotel zone run frequently so we barely waited 5 minutes for each bus.  After a little wallet exercise we returned to the hotel and the rest of the day went pretty much the same as the first: sun, sand, water and lots of laughter.

After spending the day being rejuvenated  by the sea we returned to the room and dolled ourselves up again for our last night in México. We had a nice dinner, followed by a little wine and some dessert– not necessarily in  that order, and when it comes to the wine definitely not just the one glass. We decided to skip the show and go back to the room to pack since we had to be up by 5 am for our 620 am pick up the next day. After the packing was done we sat on our beds and watched a movie together–with some wine of course. It was a wonderful end to a fantastic mini getaway.

This was our first official trip together, but it will definitely not be our last. We spent the entire trip chatting, laughing and just acting a fool. It was refreshing to spend time away with my girls being free and enjoying their company. Female friendships are important for our growth and the nourishment of our souls. So make some free time with your tribe this weekend and take a plane ride somewhere, anywhere or a simple road trip together. Recharge your batteries and enjoy each other’s company.

Be sure to scroll down for today’s travel tip and to check out some more photos of our “Grown-Up Spring Break” getaway. Until next time my lovelies & remember to make it a wanderful life,


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Travel Tip:

The key ingredient to enjoying your time away with friends is leaving the drama at home after all getaways and vacations are about relaxation, exploration and sharing those memories with the people traveling with you. So when you find a group of friends you travel well with cherish them and see the world together.

“Viva México!” in photos:

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17 thoughts on “Viva Mexico!

  1. Mexico looks amazing! Love the post. I’ve never been to Mexico or any part of South America. I’d love to go. My fiancé has family in Peru and Venezuela.

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