Unconditional Body Beautiful: Part Three: MY JOURNEY ON MY LEGS

It’s that time again my lovelies, we’re chatting about unconditional body beautiful, self-love, and this month it’s all about the journey on our legs.

 My legs keep me grounded, allow me to dance and sometimes…fly.

My legs have always been my favorite part of my body. They are strong and sturdy. And no, they are not perfect. They are speckled with cellulite, my thighs have no gap in sight, and my calves have always been large and in charge. Which has made me very envious of girls who are able to rock those fabulous riding boots during fall and winter seasons. I’ve yet to meet a boot that has zipped up the complete circumference of my powerful calves.

I went through a phase in my journey where I hid my legs and felt ashamed of their size. But as I progressed on this path of self-love, I found my way back and fell in love with them all over again.

Growing up in Miami requires a lot of skin baring. It’s hot and humid, so summertime (which is basically year round) revolves around a lot of shorts and swimsuit wearing days. But, when your thighs are rather larger than those of your girlfriends’, our little friend “comparison” is never too far behind. And as most of us have discovered, there’s nothing unhealthier for our self-esteem than to start pushing our bodies to fit into molds that they were obviously never meant to fit into.

My legs weren’t made to be long, thin or delicate. They’re short, strong and voluminous. And that is good. Actually it’s more than good, it’s perfect. Because that’s how I was created and this is the body that I choose to embrace, not the one society or the media thinks I should have.

These are my legs, they’re the most powerful part of my body. Yes! my thighs are thunderous. Yes! they take up space, but I’ve walked miles in them. They’ve carried me around the world. They are the roots that connect me firmly to the ground. These are the legs that allow me to dance, to run, to explore. And I love every single dimpled inch of them.

 Until next time my lovelies– remember to be kind and loving to yourselves,


Unconditional Body Beautiful is a self-love series created by Rebequita Rose“It is a year-long collaboration which I created-slash-founded, and I will be doing this with many other bloggers…We will focus mostly on discussing our bodies more than on fashion, but at the same time we will fuse the two together.”


On the 18th of every month we will each publish a new post discussing that month’s theme (body part), so be sure to keep an eye out for the hashtag on social media for some wonderful posts and body love inspiration.
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11 thoughts on “Unconditional Body Beautiful: Part Three: MY JOURNEY ON MY LEGS

  1. I had written a long comment on the weekend in which I talked about my mother and her feelings of shame around her big legs, but couldn’t publish it because i forgot my wordpress password and was on my mobile. I didn’t inherit her shame. Her shame gave me compassion and I loved my legs. Was grateful to have these large luscious legs that were strong and carried me through life. These are the moments. When we don’t just own and acknowledge our beauty and strength and uniqueness, but celebrate our bodies as they are without reservation. ❤ Beautiful post lovely.

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  2. I used to have “great legs”; muscular, jiggle-less, and smooth. These days they are fat and wobbly. It took a looooooong time to be okay with them. In fcat, last year was the firt year I have worn shorts in decades! If nothing else, they get me around, and I am grateful for that. 🙂

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  3. My legs are bigger than yours and I have found boots that zip past my calves! It’s possible. They’re cute too lol. I love that you’re engraving Evey part of you. Self love is the most important.

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    1. Then I won’t give up on those boots! Lol. I love that you used the word engraving to describe the series because it feels that way. It’s definitely something I look forward to writing every month.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂


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