This year instead of focusing on the usual Valentine’s Day themes, my blogger babes from Untamed Style and I have decided to celebrate “Galentine’s” Day (great idea Margot!). What’s Galentine’s Day? you might ask– let its founder, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler’s plucky alter ego on NBC’s Parks and Recreation), explain…

“Every February 13th, Leslie Knope and her lady friends leave their husbands and their boyfriends at home and just kick it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus, frittatas!”

Yes, my lovelies, it’s a day of “ladies celebrating ladies”. How awesome is that?! And how did I not know about this absolutely awesome holiday?

A day dedicated to celebrating and showing love to all the wonderful women in our lives– Heck yeah! After all, these are the women that laugh at our silliest/weirdest jokes. They’re supportive of our dreams and they’re by our side thru thick and thin. In most cases, our girlfriends have been a crucial part of our lives way before the existence of our significant others. So it’s only fitting that we take a day out of the year to celebrate our first loves, our gals– Ovaries before Brovaries all the way!

In the spirit of the holiday I’m dedicating this Galentine’s Day post to three of my favorite gals.

Meet my 3 sweet funny galentines:


————— ZAYRE, you phenomenal and talented phoenix ————–

Zayre (“…sigh-reh it rhymes with friday”) is my one and only baby sis. She’s bright as hell, witty, extremely talented and is constantly speaking her mind — even when you don’t ask her to (I mean, really! I won’t be judged for being obsessed with crime shows). She is also my biggest supporter. Constantly motivating me to follow my dreams and inspiring me to believe in myself. My baby sis is definitely one of the strongest women I know. Life hasn’t always been obstacle-free, but she has overcome every single hurdle and is still standing…stronger than ever.

Thank you my “Pookie” for always loving me, you’re my forever galentine!


————– BETZY, you dazzling and spunky tropical fish ————–

Betzy– my sista from another mista! I’ve never connected with someone as quickly, this was definitely love at first sight. This girl knows me, and I never have to go into a long-winded explanation because she knows what’s in my heart.

Thank you my “Pandora Box” for listening and never ever judging!


————– AARTI, you brilliant unwavering peacock ————–

MELINDA, you resplendent eclectic starfish

VERONICA, you glorious awe-inspiring lioness

MARGOT, you exquisite outspoken raven

MICHELLE, you splendid bohemian land-mermaid

VANESSA, you wild majestic unicorn

HOLLIE, you precious inspiring sunflower

————– PIA, you magnificent feminist sun goddess ————–

Okay, I know what you’re thinking– “These are more than 3 galentines lady!” And yes, Untamed Style consists of 8 fierce femmes (I make 9), but this group is meaningful to me as a whole. It came to be during a crossroads with the blog– I was unsure whether to keep writing or walk away. This group of women was vital in me rediscovering my original vision for Curves à la Mode. Sometimes we forget that it’s okay to be different. We don’t all have the same talents and that’s okay because in the end what really matters is that you stay true to yourself.

Thank you my blogging babes for helping me find my voice!

And guess what? I even made special cards for my gals —

Want to show some love to the awesome gals in your lives? But are not in the mood to make your own cards. I got you covered! Here are some Galentine’s Day cards you can share:

Now go out there and let your girls know you love and appreciate them. Until next time my lovelies,


 For more Galentine’s Day inspiration be sure to checkout my fellow Untamed Style blogger babes:

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13 thoughts on “Be My Galentine

  1. To my mocha..You made me cry. First thing i said was “oh that’s me my name”. What is she doing now lol. You are the most amazing human being. I love an miss you so much. I still have the last note you gave me when i left Miami. Its so true we are so alike its frightening but in a good way. No one will ever take your place never. Pandora.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, I love this! I’ve never heard of Galentine’s Day but it’s a beautiful thing to see women celebrate each other.I know it’s already passed but I’m gonna have to celebrate it anyways, lol! Great article! 🙂 #BLMGirls

    Liked by 1 person

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