7 Life Lessons From Miss Piggy

Piggy Lee Pigakowski, or as we all have grown to know and love her, Miss Piggy, grew up in a small town in Iowa. In 1979, (the original voice of Miss Piggy) Frank Oz shared a little more about her early life during an interview with the NY Times  —  her father died when she was young, and her mother wasn’t that nice to her. She had to enter beauty contests to survive, as many single women do. She has a lot of vulnerability which she has to hide, because of her need to be a superstar.”

And a superstar she IS!  Miss piggy officially entered our TV screens and our hearts on “The Muppet Show” in 1976. Her sassy attitude and her penchant for glamour quickly made this artiste one of TV’s favorite characters.

So today from moi to you, here are 7 Life Lessons from the glamorous and oh so fabulous…Miss Piggy.

1. Don’t be afraid to stand out. Embrace the things that  make you unique.

There will always  be some small flaw you’re going to obsess about, but have you ever thought that maybe in that flaw is where your true beauty lies. Maybe it’s that one thing you dislike so much, that makes you essentially you. So next time before you bash yourself for that one tiny part, take a moment to really look at yourself…as a whole, flawed and beautifully imperfect.

2. “Hi-Yah!” your way thru the naysayers, haters & trolls.

Not everyone will like you and that’s okay. What matters is that you don’t allow them to hold you back with their negativity. Keep pushing forward. Continue following your dreams, chasing goals and most importantly LOVING YOURSELF.

3. It’s okay to let your imagination soar.

Daydreaming (with the occasional dream sequence of course) is a great way to visualize your goals. A young piglet doesn’t just become the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris without first envisioning herself in a gloriously elaborate Esther Williams-like water ballet– hey! we all have to start somewhere. So don’t be afraid to (day)dream big.

4. Embrace your inner fashionista.

When you think Miss Piggy you think Fashionista. She has never been ashamed or afraid of showing off her curvaceous figure in anything. And she makes it all look good– from denim to couture. Miss Piggy has been a bona fide fashion sensation since the 1970s, evolving her look with the times but never losing her phenomenal personal flare for fashion. And in her own words : What is the use of being a fashion plate if all you are going to put on [the plate] is peas?

5. Love strongly, but remember you are special too.

We all know how much Miss Piggy loves her Kermie. They’ve been together longer than Oprah & Stedman. But even with all the love she has for her green beau, she does not hesitate to put him in check when the situation calls for it.

6. Believe in the power of your SELFie.

Self-portraits and selfies are much more than attempts at narcissism. They’re empowering! It’s you embracing YOU. This one action can lead  you on a journey of self acceptance, as well as inspire others to follow along. So, go on grab your camera or phone and “Say cheese!”… #MoiWokeUpLikeThis

7. Live confidently.

This last and very important lesson has to be shared in Miss Piggy’s own inspiring words:
“Moi has always been a strong, self-confident woman. I know what I want and I go out and get it. Unless, of course, I can call and have it delivered. But not everyone is moi. Come to think of it, no one else is moi. Heck, before I put on my face in the morning, not even moi is moi! So, you women can use me as a role model, but you have to be yourselves. Put up my poster, embrace my trailblazing style, but live your own life. And most especially — get your own frog.”

And there you have them my lovelies, 7 Life Lessons from Miss Piggy. I hope you enjoyed these golden nuggets of wisdom. Until next time!


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