Untamed Style Icon | JANET JACKSON

 “No, my first name ain’t ‘baby.’ It’s Janet — Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty!”

Before there was Beyoncé, there was JANET JACKSON. And every single thing Janet did was fabulous in my world. I remember sitting on my front stoop in Brooklyn, jamming to my little boombox when I first heard: “This is a story about control, my control, control of what I say, control of what I do. And this time I’m gonna do it my way…” 

And yes! Janet Damida Jo Jackson did the damn thing her way from the beginning. Her music was innovative, her lyrics were socially conscious, and her style always exuded confidence.

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As Janet grew, both as an artist and woman, that confidence received a massive injection of sex appeal which is reflected in her evolving style.

For today’s post I chose to embody Janet’s 1990’s fun & sassy side, because honestly– that’s how I felt this particular day. Maybe it was the fact that I was blasting her music as I took these photos (that’s whats happening on that top pic of the collage– what can i say? “That’s the way love goes” is my jam!).

 Janet’s style is eclectic, I always related to that. There are some women that have a “classic” look and go with that for their entire lives, but not all of us are like that. Many of us tend to dress in a way that emulates how we feel on that particular day or occasion. And that’s okay, I think that’s the fun part of fashion– embracing your inner chameleon.

Hope you liked my take on Janet’s style, I definitely had a blast with it. Until next time my lovelies,

What I’m wearingSWAK’s Kayla Tank Dress no longer available in black, but it’s just as fabulous in jaded teal & mint

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