Size Sexy ― say it, believe it

We’ve all had days filled with insecurities. We feel frumpy and not our usual chirpy-self-confident selves. But don’t feel discouraged because we all go through it, as a matter of fact women of ALL sizes have episodes of insecurity. The only thing that slightly varies is how we pull ourselves out of those slumps.

I start off by listening to some you-ain’t-ready-for-this-jelly music and bust out an impromptu fashion show.  Ladies! it is food for my soul, the positive vibes and visual inspiration uplift me in an incredible way. The rest of the day I try to surround myself with positivity. So when I spotted Stella Ellis’ book Size Sexy: How to Look Good, Feel Good, and Be Happy – At Any Size I knew I had to have it.

In case you don’t know Stella Ellis, here’s a quick bio on her [via]:

Stella Ellis was born in Israel, speaks six languages and was given the runway stage by Jean-Paul Gaultier in the early 90s. With a lot of success, she became his muse. She went on to model for Thierry Mugler. Stella Ellis appeared in Madonna’s famous and scandalous SEX book. She was photographed by world reknown photographers such as Steven Meisel and Paulo Roversi to name a few. Stella Ellis was featured in the Italian Vogue, French Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Oprah’s magazine and many others.  

The overall message of the book, is about learning to be confident in the skin you’re in– and that’s a wonderful thing to remember.

In all honesty if you don’t love yourself from the get go, it won’t matter what size you are because in your eyes you’ll never be “good enough”. So you have to love and celebrate your body from the beginning! Because you ARE beautiful! Size does not matter.

Through the years I’ve also learned that — words ARE powerful.

We have to be careful with the language we use to talk to ourselves. How do you describe yourself? your body? Do you constantly use negative or derogatory words/labels? We have to remember that one moment, one day, even one year of feeling “blah” doesn’t make you a lesser  human being. Challenge yourself to use positive words when speaking about yourself and your body. Remember, self talk is like a recording that replays in your mind. We become empowered by changing the way we speak to and about ourselves.

So my lovelies, treat yourselves with loving care. You are beautiful! You are phenomenal! …don’t allow anyone, even yourself, to make you feel any different.

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7 thoughts on “Size Sexy ― say it, believe it

  1. I was feeling really down in the dumps, and looking for inspiration. I found your blog after deciding to give up dieting, hahaha! I’m a size 16 (UK) and after years of feeling “fat”, I’m the biggest I’ve ever been, and finally a little more prepared to love myself than ever before! Keep up the good work!


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