“I am woman, I am invincible, I am strong, I am woman” ― Helen Reddy

I love being a woman. I love that we are nurturing and powerful beings. I love to see other women breaking down barriers and surpassing expectations.

What I don’t love?

When we categorize one another and turn it into a you vs me scenario, Curvy vs Thin, White vs Black, Married vs Single. In the end we only gain the degradation of ourselves along with other women. I understand that we come from different cultures, have different points of views and experiences but one important thing we have in common is our Womanhood.

We have to acknowledge that it is still difficult for women to earn respect and in many parts of the world we lack basic rights — like freedom of speech and the opportunity to obtain an education. Our freedoms are limited or barely existent because of our gender.  So it’s time to stop tearing each other down and instead learn to be kind to one another. We need to learn to use our words, as well as any opportunity we have available, to uplift and empower other women.

Working together we can make a difference and ultimately create a better world for ourselves and the generations of women to follow.

Empowering Words  from some phenomenal Women:

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Empowering Acts.  Becoming part of the solution:

  • Economic Independence for Women in Honduras“Agros empowers women to become economically self-sufficient through financial training, access to adult education, training in how to raise new crops and livestock, community banking and productive initiatives that allow them to learn new skills and add needed income to the household budget and afford essentials while also planning for the family’s financial future.”
  • Send 5 Girls to High School – Kibera, Kenya. “The project will provide the girls with funding to cover school fees and other school costs, for example textbooks, uniforms, and in some cases, boarding fees, to complete their secondary education. The girls have been selected based on need and are all currently enrolled in secondary schools. Through this project, St. Vincent will be able to ensure continued support to take all of these girls through to their graduation — an accomplishment achieved by less than half of all girls in Kenya.”
  • Empower Girls Rescued from Sex Slavery in Cambodia.  “The program aims to reach 20 girls through our vocational training program & 20 girls via our transition housing program. Our goal is for the participants to “graduate” from the program within 2 years to become independent and free from exploitation.”
  • Microcredit Lending | Invest in a Woman Today. “Our microcredit lending program in Afghanistan has taken over 55,000 women from victim to survivor to active citizen in their communities and their nations…our gift can help provide a woman survivor of war start a small business, such as a bakery, carpet weaving, or tailoring. Your support gives a woman the dignity and self-respect that she lost when the war took everything from her.”
  • Mariposa Center For Girls – Dominican Republic. “The Mariposa Center for Girls will be a model for the world. A beautiful space for the girls of our community where they can come and learn valuable skills that will set them off on the right path to become active leaders for social change. Our programs offer an integrated approach to educating, empowering and employing girls, where success in one supports and enhances success in the others, cultivating lasting change and ultimately empowering them to break the cycle of generational poverty.”

These are only five out of countless ways you can help a woman or girl improve their way of life. Remember, even the smallest act can make an impact. Check out these other sites that are also dedicated to the empowerment of women:  The Girl Effect,  Half The Sky Movement, Apne Aap | Women Worldwide, Kiva and please don’t forget  to spread the word about these causes. Social awareness is a powerful tool.

Empowering Visuals  for your mind and soul:

Until next time my lovelies,

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