Amber Riley Wins Dancing With The Stars

This was supposed to be a simple quote post but the more I read Amber Riley’s words and allowed them to sink in, I realized this had to be a little more than just a quick excerpt. After all, she is the first African-American and Plus Size woman to ever win Dancing With The Stars (DWTS).

It was not an easy start since early in the season she began having problems due to a previous knee injury which affected her rehearsal schedule. Of course that had the skeptics thinking it was over for both Amber and Derek, but in true diva manner she refused to give up…

And get it she did…

Every week Amber brought her vibrant personality center stage right along with her moves, and oh! can Ms. Riley WERK the dance floor.

Amber is the perfect example that ANYTHING is possible if you have the talent and drive for it. Don’t ever allow yourself or anyone else to make you feel inferior. Your size, sex or color are not deterrents, instead learn to embrace them as strengths and go after your dreams.

Until next time my lovelies,


9 thoughts on “Amber Riley Wins Dancing With The Stars

      1. Well I didn’t even know she was on the show, let alone that she’d won!. And reading your post really brightened my day! – Just shows sometimes it is about hard-work and talent!


    1. I really don’t watch it as much as I used to, unless there’s a celeb I really want to cheer on so I was psyched when I heard she signed on.
      And I so agree with you J, I think Ms. Riley is just all kinds of awesome!


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