The 3 Words Project

These are their words, but they don’t have to be ours.” ―Michelle Guerrero Denison

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve read all about my love for The 3 Words Project started earlier this month by friend and fellow blogger Michelle Guerrero Denison from Zaftig Times (you can find her now on Glitter in the Dirt).

If you don’t follow me, [1] What are you waiting for? and [2] Let me explain to you the goal of The 3 Words Project. It’s a way for us to choose our OWN words to describe how we see and feel about our bodies rather than holding on to the words and labels pushed on us by others.

Along with posting her own 3 words Michelle has received videos from fellow curvies Charvelle [The Thriftanista Life], Francesca, Aarti Olivia [Curves Become Her], Kamy, myself (which I’ll share with you on the blog today) and the phenomenal Mary Lambert.

For me being a part of this was extremely liberating, the night before I wrote down what I wanted to say and when the recorder turned on it all went out the window. But  I’m glad about that because what I shared was way more honest than what I had written, these are my 3 words…

Stop by Michelle’s blog to read the full post and watch the additional 3 installments which include the shared videos…The 3 Words Project Part 2 , The 3 Words Project Part 3 and The 3 Words Project Part 4.

To get more details on the project or if you feel inspired and want to share your own 3 Words send an email to 


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