“Fat Girl” by Megan Falley

Fat girl, fat jokes.

Fat girl, skinny friends.
Fat girl, stand next to fatter people to look thin.
Fat girl, fat camp, five years.
Fat girl lost two pounds and you didn’t notice.

Fat girl love your garlic breath.
Fat girl vegan.
Fat girl, “but red velvet cupcake taste so delicious!”
Fat girl, pretty face.
Fat girl, deans list.
Fat girl want fries with that.

Fat girl, don’t touch her stomach,
Fat girl turn the lights out,
Fat girl keep her t-shirt on
Fat girl not pregnant, fat girl food baby.

Fat girl named her dog Taco.
Fat girl, bad bulimic.
Fat girl binge and no purge.
Fat girl can’t even throw up right!

Fat girl unbutton her pants at dinner
Fat girl heard “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels…”
Fat girl certain spicy tuna crunchy rolls taste better than being thin.

Fat girl threw out her scales.
Fat girl you are what you eat, fat girl double stuffed oreos.
Fat girl got her fathers genes,
Fat girl’s brother, didn’t.
Fat girl’s friends come over to stare at her brothers chiselled abdominals and ignore her.

Fat girl dont hate her body.
Fat girl hates the world.
Fat girl, fat mouth
Fat girl, fatter fists.
Fat girl, fuck you!

Fat girl heart so fat it needs its own zip code.
Fat girl heart so fat it uses the equator as its belt.
Fat girl see-food diet.
Fat girl see food, fat girl eat it!
Fat girl heard all the jokes.

Fat girl finish the punch line before you do.
Fat girl cry in private.
Fat girl, thick skin.
Fat girl dance anyway.
Fat girl shirt off.

Fat girl lights on.
Fat girl, lights, on!

[FAT GIRL lyrics found via Gladrags And Handbags]

7 thoughts on ““Fat Girl” by Megan Falley

    1. Hey Mariah, no she’s not being sarcastic or condescending. It’s an ode to learning to love yourself and your body. And in the end when she says “lights on!” That’s her arriving at a place where she’s no longer embarrassed/ashamed of her body.
      I think it’s a liberating poem and it’s become one of my favorites.


      1. Oh! I see! I guess I just need to widen my imagination! I didn’t think you would ever post a joke about one’s weight. That makes much more sense, thank you for enlightening me!


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