We Are ALL Real Women

We’ve seen them all over Pinterest, Twitter  and Facebook quotes such as,“real men like curves dogs like bones” and the popular “when did this…become hotter than this” collage.

Now believe me I am all for the uplifting and progression of our Curvemmunity but not at the expense of other women. The fact is just like my body will never be under a size 12 other bodies will never be over a size 4. Our anatomies, bone densities, gene pools and good old fashioned natures determine our body shape. So why are we, who are attempting to show the world just how incredible we are as plus size women, doing to “straight sized” women what for so long has been done to us.

“Skinny or Curvy should not be a competition” -Style Has No Size

The truth is that at the end of the day we are all REAL women. We all have dreams, strengths…and insecurities. Instead of exacerbating insecurities by body shaming one another, we should be celebrating womankind.

When was the last time you complimented another woman? Try it. Something as small as “you have great skin” or “you’re werking it today!” could make someone’s day brighter. I think it’s time we begin using our words to elevate each other instead of tearing one another down. Let’s resolve to be part of the revolution not part of the problem.


8 thoughts on “We Are ALL Real Women

  1. I agree! I just want to be a woman, not a meal or a bone, or a road “with curves” just me and I would hope that thinner women get the same opportunity not to be compared and just be able to be a woman not commodified.


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