photo/CHOP : The Art Of Body Image Distortion

Photoshop was initially released in 1988 by brothers John and Thomas Knoll due to their fascination with technology and art. This innovative program was purchased from the brothers by Adobe 3 months after its release. The premise of Photoshop is to edit and boost photographs. It is used by countless magazines and websites. However 23 years after it’s release Photoshop is no longer being used to solely boost the color of photos or tweak landscapes, instead this digital retouching application is now being used to lighten skin, boost cleavage and thin hips.

Our younger generation is growing up exposed to female fabrications. “Perfect” bodies do not exist and the expectations of it being possible to obtain these Photoshop masterpieces has increased negative body images in both women and young girls.

According to Beauty Redifined the average woman sees 600 photoshopped images per day. We’re being conditioned to see aging, stretch marks and cellulite as defects. And yes I understand that you’re not eating right and going to the gym hoping that you get more cellulite. But remember no one body is the same, I have friends that are naturally slim with cellulite and curvier friends that do not have a single inch of cellulite on their bodies. And that is okay because you should not hate your body for being what it was naturally meant to be. That’s the message we should be getting out there loving your natural body. We should stop comparing ourselves to the fictional versions we are seeing and instead focus on living healthier and happy lives with the bodies we have been blessed with.

These are but a few of the images out there some more obvious than others.

And if you think men are immune you are mistaken just like us they are bombarded with glamourized images of “perfect” physiques.

“This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty.” ― Jesse Rosten

It would be great to see photos like these disappear but it is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon. So until then we have to educate ourselves and stop being so hard on our bodies. One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is called “Don’t Compare Yourself to Celebrities” it’s by Indy Ink and she is constantly updating it with photoshopped images as well as inspirational photos and articles. These are the things we should be exposing both ourselves and young girls too in order to close the door on body judgment and make room for self acceptance.



6 thoughts on “photo/CHOP : The Art Of Body Image Distortion

  1. It’s crazy when you think about all of these pictures being photoshopped. Everyone wants to be perfect like the models and celebrities on the magazines, but in real life they look like something else. I loved the pictures you used to describe this.



  2. Loved this post! I am constantly worrying about stretch marks because of the flawless bodies of celebrities we see, that sometimes I forget to appreciate what I have. This post has really inspired me! Thank you so much!


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