The Revolution of Summer Curves

“This is my carefree, this is my freedom–this is MY HAPPY” Coco J. Ginger.

This season Plus Size beauties have put on their favorite swimsuits and taken back summer in full force.

  This is a phenomenal sight, seeing women confident in themselves and in their bodies. Setting aside the convention that women of a certain size should not wear bikinis or swimsuits that don’t resemble mumus.

Seriously, if we all sat around waiting to achieve the “perfect” body (which by the way does not exist) then we would never leave the house.  I think rocking your beach curves for everyone to see goes way beyond fashion, it’s about exercising and gaining confidence in the gorgeous body you have right now.

To hell with negative thoughts and postponing life! We ARE gorgeous sexy women and we’re living for now not whens.  So here’s a standing ovation to all of the Curvies that have owned this summer- you’re absolutely phenomenal!

 Haven’t had a chance to don your favorite swimsuit yet? don’t fret there is still plenty of time before summer officially ends.  If you need a little more inspiration check out my pinterest board: {Beach} Dreams of a Curvy Fashionista.

And as always feel free to share your pictures and stories with me in the comments area.

Until next time,


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