From Pajama Jeans to MYNT 1792 | One girl’s brief love affair with the wrong kind of jeans & her path to unforgettable ones

Hi my name is Zadry and I had a passionate yet brief love affair with Pajama Jeans.

I’d gained weight and was having a difficult time finding jeans that fit my curves. One night while watching TV I was enticed by their commercial and the promise of a body flattering fit. So the following day I woke up early and ran out in search of a pair. I wore them everywhere and when I went to New York to visit my baby sister I was ecstatic to show off my new find. Her input? “Pookie! You’re wearing sweatpants, you need REAL jeans”

My denim bubble burst, but she was right (don’t let it go to your head Poops!) So when I returned to Miami I resumed my dreaded jean quest. But this time I decided to ignore sizing and focused only on the fit. With that thought in mind I was able to find my first pair of well fitting plus size jeans.

Along the way I learned two very important lessons:

  1. Try It On. hangers like mannequins are for display purposes only, clothes look different on real bodies
  2. Break the Rules & Take Chances. do NOT be afraid to step outside your boundaries play with colors, prints and styles

Enter MYNT 1792.

If you haven’t heard of Mynt 1792, they are a fabulous plus size denim and jacket line based out of New York and I’ve been crushing on them since their debut last year during Full Figure Fashion Week.

In December I was lucky to be the winner of their Pin2Win Contest – the prize? a $500 gift certificate. Needless to say I was ecstatic to get my Mynt on. It was a hard narrowing down my selections but these are the 4 amazing pieces I finally chose:

Why do I love MYNT 1792? they are not afraid to give us color and details, YES! I’m plus sized but I also like to look good in the clothes I wear. And I definitely want quality along with those good looks – thanks to MYNT we get both.

Go on and satisfy YOUR MYNT 1792 cravings at Nordstrom and online at


Photograph used as featured image :

Plus size model Fluvia Lacerda wearing Mynt 1792 denim for Plus Model Magazine

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