I Have NOTHING To Wear!

How many times have you stared at a closet full of clothes and said the same thing? I think we all have at one point or another. One of the best things I did for myself last year was cleansing my closet. Why “cleansing” instead of “cleaning” you ask? Well, cleaning is just organizing or tidying up while cleansing is getting rid of something unpleasant , it’s the act of improving something. Which is exactly what my closet and I were in need of.

I had three types of clothes inhabiting my closet:

  • The clothes I WOULD fit in when I reached my goal weight
  • The clothes I USED to fit in,but were now a bit snug
  • The clothes I fit in right NOW

Unfortunately, as I am sure happens to a lot of us there were not enough clothes I fit in right now, so going out usually went something like this –

Search through all my clothes looking for something different that FIT, while trying to avoid wearing my same old uniform which consisted of a blouse, cardigan (regardless of the sweltering Miami heat) and Pajama Jeans (yeah! I said it- pajama jeans. At the time they were a lifesaver since I had yet to find clothes that fitted my new body, but I digress). This would go on for awhile until I either (option A) gave in and donned my usual look or (option B) just gave up in frustration and declared the night an “at home” evening. Unfortunately, option B won most of the time.

Let The Cleansing Begin

One morning, I just decided to take control of my closet . First step was to get rid of all the “when I finally lose weight” clothes, I gifted some to friends and family the rest I donated. I then chose my favorite pieces from the “now snug” collection, boxed them and stored them in another closet.

I was in complete shock of how little clothes I had that actually fit well, and yes ladies there is a BIG difference between fitting and fitting well. Once I saw what I had and what I needed it was easier to little by little begin filling my closet with flattering and beautiful clothing. I am in love with my closet now and to be completely honest it feels great to know I have options to choose from.

So if you have not cleansed your closet yet, give it a try this weekend and let me know how it goes. I guarantee it will give you confidence and add fun to your daily dressing routine.

Until next time,


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