Don’t Let Life Pass You By…

Don’t wait to lose weight to start living and (most importantly)

loving yourself .

I’ve learned that waiting only allows life to pass you by. Being a particular size does not guarantee you a fulfilled life.

Instead set your mind to enjoy every single moment. You want to do yoga? dance? rock a pair of skinny jeans? wear a swimsuit this summer? Then go on and do it! Stop telling yourself you have to lose those last 10/40/100lbs. The way I see it, not all us have had the blessing of added years and absolutely no one knows what lies ahead … so LIVE.

Because unlike your favorite TV show LIFE can’t be recorded on your DVR and replayed for future enjoyment. So begin the New Year by embracing yourself just as you are

– every dimple, wrinkle and love handle.

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(photo credit:


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