Embrace Your BEAUTIFUL Body!

We are not ALL meant to be supermodels, but still we are ALL  beautiful. Instead of bashing or forcing ourselves to fit into a mold that we were never meant to fit, we have to embrace all the awesomeness that makes us stand out, that makes us who WE are.

I’m 5’2 and I’ve always been curvy, never been less than a size 12 (except for the toddler years) And it has been difficult at times, I lost myself for awhile in my 20s and early 30s because I kept trying to make myself into something I wasn’t and in doing so I was  killing the person I was. I looked in the mirror and saw one imperfection after another, I rarely complimented my body but I definitely bashed it. I was on an endless diet routine, you name it I’ve most likely tried it and although I was the slimmest I have ever been in my mind that person in the mirror still needed to lose more weight, still  needed to be made beautiful.

As I entered my 30s I gained weight and was now yo-yoing between a size 16 & 18 I became very insecure and started dressing older than I was. I no longer wore anything that showed my legs or arms because they were ‘too fat’. I was wearing layers of clothing to cover myself. And ladies living in Miami and layers of clothing are not the most comfortable pairing. I would go shopping with my husband and could not find anything that fitted me I would leave the stores in tears and become even more depressed. My hubby has definitely been amazing because he’s seen me through this journey. He’s wiped the tears, comforted me and every single time has told me how incredibly beautiful I was, how sexy I was.

The problem was I did not see it, and I could not make myself believe it.

(photo credit: http://livelaughawesome.tumblr.com/)
(photo credit: http://livelaughawesome.tumblr.com/)

I always think that life takes you through stages so that you can emerge stronger, evolved. Kind of like a butterfly who waits in her cocoon until the moment she is fully evolved and emerges a magnificent creature ready to spread her wings and fly. My butterfly moment happened last July, I attended a friend’s party layered in a maxi and a long sleeve cardigan, it was in the 90s and as usual I was sweating my spanxs off.  A dear friend came up to me and sweetly but firmly said : ‘you need to stop dressing like an old lady and just embrace your body’. Something about this statement just hit me to the core and I could not stop thinking about it all night and even into the next day.

Embrace my body? Those 3 simple words hit me like lightning. The next evening I started googling  terms like plus size fashion and clothes for plus size women, imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I was bombarded with the faboulousness of Marie Denee (The Curvy Fashionista) , Tanesha Awasthi (Girl With Curves) , Nicolette Mason (Nicolette Mason) and Allison Teng (Curvy Girl Chic). I couldn’t believe these girls looked like ME! they had my body but they were owning it with a confidence I’d never had. I was so excited I remember calling my husband in the room and showing him all these “Curvy Fashionistas” and the clothes, clothes I had no idea were even out there: Monif C, Simply Be, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Torrid. Little by little I discovered more blogs, more fabulous women like Jessica Kane, Nadia Aboulhosn, Gabi Gregg, Chastity Valentine (to name a few) and I began learning about plus size fashion and the Plus Size Community.

I will always say that along with the support of my amazing husband, the Plus Size Community helped to change my life. I actually own skirts and dresses that are above the knee now, sleeveless? why not! I feel fabulous and renewed an although I have my moments now and then (and who of us doesn’t) I have never felt this confident in my own body.

This is why I’m starting this blog, because somewhere out there is a girl just like me that feels she’s not pretty enough because of her size and that’s just not true. You ARE beautiful! But you have to start tweaking the way you see yourself and start



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